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My new 220

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Well a few pics of my ST220. Had it a few weeks now and have to say i am very impressed. Sold my ST-TDCI to get the car i finally wanted. Fuel gauge works well (too well) :} :}

Needs a few minor things doing like the mirror repaint but already had 2 new tyres, 2 more on the way and a new battery. Not really into modding cars and usually leave them standard but will see with this one. Also has window tints including the front ones which im sure are probably illegal? Its only avery light smoke so will see what happens.

wasnt sure about the colour as my last ST was PB, but this colour is really growing on me now.
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Yeh if there aftermarket tints there not allowed on front windows, but until you said I didnt notice.

Looks very nice! one day il have one!
Nice looking ST - not seen one in that colour before. Nice :L

[quote name=Lee ST]Fuel gauge works well (too well) :} :}

Yep, same here. Shame on Ford that they make all the V6 fuel guages this way. I never went to the petrol station this often in the old 4 pot :whistling:
Front window tints are only illegal if they transmit less than 70% light.
love the colour mate!!!!

mine is perf blue but to be honest,you do get sick of the sight of them.way too many so its good to see another colour pop up once in a while
Smart car :L
Cheers guys, i think the colour makes it quite subtly, doesnt stand out as much as some ST's.

I really wanted a silver one to be honest, but i have had loads of silver cars so time for a change.
Nice looking motor and love the colour
Cheers, car really does make you smile sometimes, although fuel does seem to have gone up around 12p a litre in the month or so i have had it so that aint great.

The colour has grown on me a lot as i wasn't so keen at first but i'm learning to like it
looks nice..
nice m8
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