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My New ST200

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Picked her up a couple of weeks ago now but as the weather has been pooh I've only got round to taking a pic. She was a bit of an ebay bargain and came with a full mot and 6 months tax. Got a little bit of rust of drivers rear arch and the tyres are a bit rubbish but apart from that she's very solid. Only bits done so far is swapping the stereo with my old mondeo, swapped over the clear side repeaters and I've done the door handle led mod from mirez's site.

Jobs for this week are new tyres all round and get the polish/wax out if the weather holds.

Future jobs are ...

1) full service with upgraded plugs, leads, filter etc.
2) change resistor in imrc and relocate
3) UIM & LIM clean with TB etc.

More photos to come soon once I've done a big clean :laugh:


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Get the arches sorted asap before they go too far
Its just a small patch the size of a 10p where the arch meets the bumper. Got a friend who works for a local body shop so it shouldn't be an expensive fix.
looks very nice there. as above, sort the rust asap before it turns into a real problem. :)
Will hopefully be able to get it in the shop near easter time to have the rust sorted. Apart from that little bit the body work is very clean. Just got to collect up parts for the service now
nice looking st..
Hey nice car mate, i knew the background surroundings looked familiar, its parked in asda car park in Lowestoft! maybe see you around town mate
Gotta love the glamorous waterside vista that is asda car park lol ! Nice to know there's a fellow megger in Lowestoft, we'll be able to help each other out with bits if you're gonna get an st200 as well
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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