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my old sierra's

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this was my very first car, bought it from my dad

a 1984, 1.6 GL (it had leccy mirrors, boot release switch and AWS)

this was my 2nd car

a 1990 1.8 LX, central locking and that was it :}

after that i mmove for a fiat uno, 1.9 diesel :laugh:
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I had 2 when i was 17/18.

I had a 1990 Sierra in white 1.8lx which got pinched and torched.

I also had a 1992 Sierra Sapphire 1.8lx, It was all colour coded with a few Sapphire cossie bits on and woolfrace Voodos on it which looked great.

The Sapphire still is one of the nicest cars i have ever owned and if i win the lottery the Sapphire Cosworth is a must in my 10 car garage.
my parents had a B reg 1.6L in maroon, very similar to the first one you posted there. had it for donkeys years, had loads of prangs/repairs, and was pretty nippy for a 1.6!

i learnt to drive in that and it was nice to drive, they got it at 4 year old for £4500 i think. i seem to remember the handling/grip was absolute sh1te, not the amazing traction alot of people think rwd sierra's have (probably due to the pram wheels, although my fwd mk2 mondy LX on 14" steelies had much much better handling/grip)
mine (saphire) was great in the rain, even managed to spin it on a dual carriage way :}

the hatch had as many engines init before i got it, belonged to my uncle, them my dad and eventually me, tbh it was pretty gutless but im not sure how many mile that particular engine had done.

ive been looking at getting 1 again and they go for decent money usually.
ours was getting a bit crap on fuel so they got it 'decoked' at about 110k miles (as was the way with old cars) and it had a new lease of life. i guess they needed a decent tune on the carb to have a bit of poke.

my brother had a newish F reg 1.8LX hatch, he got twin weber 45's put on and a decent tune-up, it was pretty quick with them on!

the F reg rusted like buggery (as alot of C - J plate fords did) but he got it done under corrosion warranty.
I remember how radical the Sierra looked when it was launched! Hard to believe now, I know!
when they first came out, it was quite exciting to see one on the road because they looked so cool!

my favourite thing in them was the joystick for the quad stereo :}

when i lived up in hartlepool there was a few lottery winners in the town who always seemed to get saff cossies with their winnings. which was quite brave, given that TWOC was at its height, and hartlepool was one of the worst places in the UK for car theft :eek13:
I had a silver saffy 1.6 azure I think iirc with colour coded bumpers n wing mirrors etc, think I was about 19 when I got that, best (newest) car I've ever had (bout 5 year old at the time and cost circa 5k)

Wrote it off aged 21 pissed up like a fucking numpty :(

Agree with other posters, I want a saffy cossy in my future

I have a vid of it in the scrap yard where the polis towed it to, I'll try and find it and put it up if i can.
here's a link to autotrader, there is some nice looking sierra's there

sierra's on autotrader
Here's how I like to remember the Sierra! :L

cool vid, nearly as good as my monkey on the bike youtube clip!

why cant they make the btcc cool again like it was in the 80's and 90's :(
Great vid brought back some fond memories :L

Nice to see some proper btcc
Top video that one, luv it. :L

I've had two, my first car, which had being in the family for years, 4 of us had it in our name at one time or another, which was a 1984 A reg, 1.6 pinto, L spec in ocean blue, 4 speed box as well, but it was better then all the rest in there Metros at the time, and did me well. My second one, which I had for over 6 years plus was a late 1992 J plate, 1.8 CVH, with a carb fitted and no cat, Laser spec, in radiant red, both where 5 door hatchbacks. If I had the space and the spare cash as such to run two cars, I would of kepted my last one and run it long side the Mondeo. Classic cars, and getting more sort after as such.
I used to have a 1991 2.0i GT in metallic green, loved it. Chopped it in for a ST24.

Loved the 24 but always missed the Sierra, Dunno why.
HJS said:
Here's how I like to remember the Sierra! :L
And here's how I wanted to remember them! :(

There's a stunning RS500 on Pistonheads....oh to have the cash to buy something like that...

:love: :love:
Oh, my god. :love: :love:
Nice one, I wonder if it comes with a pair of brown trousers!!!

If only I has £18,000 to spare.
Chris_mitton said:
Nice one, I wonder if it comes with a pair of brown trousers!!!

If only I has £18,000 to spare.
Re-Mortgage the house. :L
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