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thought id better start my install the other day so i started to get into it abit,

it sounds great so far!
step 1; sound deaded the inner skin of the door using flashing tape,

step 3; then dynamated round the speaker

step 2; dynamatted with what i had left of half a wedge pack

(see flashing tape behinde)

step 3; made an mdf speaker plate

step 4; fitted the mdf speaker plate

step 5 ;fitted the speaker

also flashed teh inside of the door panel,

more steps to come lol, hopefully im gonna blank the holes in the door with perspex, and then dynamat over the top of them to reduce any flex,

speakers are powerbase extreeme es6x 6.25" coaxials, :)

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doing a fine job m8, pain in the butt to do but well worth the effort
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