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My TDCi 130 on R.R!!

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Went to Aldon automotive with FordTorque, the club Im with, was cracking day!!

Best of all my TDCi 130 got 147bhp on the rollers, only mod is a catback powerflow!! Chuffed to bits.
Did 2 runs one was 147 the other was 152 with a bit less torque so took the 147 read out.I was watching it on the screen ad the Torque line was off the screen :stir: had the same torque as the Focus RS that ran :driving:
Anyway here's a video and read out!

I'm wondering if my car has been re-mapped by the previous owner. I think i broke my phone microphone in the recording!!
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Nice one!
that's similar power to someone who was running the same sort of mods to their car the other month on the rollers

organised by the st side of the site and made similar power and a bit more torque with just a decat
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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