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N/S/R Seized Brake Caliper

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very good site with plenty of info and contributions from those with mechanical know how.

Ive recently had my MK3 Mondeo serviced at Ford and they diagnosed a seized N/S/R brake caliper. Basically the car does not hold all that well on handbrake, ive taken rear wheels off and cleaned up and WD40 what i can it holds ok on foot brake but only on OSR on handbrake. Ford wanted £300 + for fitting new caliper and another £200 for fitting 2 x new hand brake cables. I am wondering if all this is necessary? or would i get away with changing caliper on its own. I am willing to give it a go having looked on here and ford wiki for guidance. Also looking for a recommendation where to purchase a good but low cost caliper and cables?

Any help much appreciated.


Mr Lee
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well i think the cables are 15 quid a side i would try them first as you say it hold on the brake it only the handbrake that would tell me its the cable bud but someone will soon be along to say otherwise
yeah kinda thought along those lines, although changing cable and routing to handbrake lever looks awkward, with having to loosen off exhaust and various other bits, going to have another look next weekend.

I'm having an O/S/R caliper replaced on Tuesday with a remanufactured caliper and new handbrake cable - £130 all in.

£500 is far too steep, find a local garage...........don't ever go to a "stealer". They will jusr rip you off.

cable is easy, you just need to remove the wheel to unhook it from the caplier end, no need to go dismantling anyting else

and at those prices, for seem to be charging you one HELL of a lot of money for labour seeing as it's only £36 per cable at ford so why are they charging you £140/hour to fit them and not the same price to fit the caliper? unless they are billing you together for the caliper and cables and hence "saving you money"?
cheers for info.

yeah I thought very expensive, but they wanted 300 for new caliper suplly and fit and 190 to supply and fit 2 x cables.

You mentioned changing cable is straight forward, its mu understanding that a seized cable, means replacing it with a new one and routing new cable through to handbrake lever itself, hence the need to loosen bits under car?
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