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New Audio Installed

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Recieved my new In-Phase speaker setup yesterday (courtesy of jacks-ST-mondeo) and got round to installing them this morning.

Got the 5x7 component set in the front doors and the 2way 5x7's in the rear doors. Mounted the front tweeters on the door mirror covers up front and they certainly improve the sound stage.

Fitting was relatively simple although I did have to drill new screw holes in the doors to fit the new speakers.

Also included pics of my head unit setup with the ipod dock. The ipod holder is a belkin one which was designed to sit in a cup holder. I basically butchered it and mounted it on the blanking panel in the fascia.

The ipod cable is also another belkin product which has a cigarette socket at one end with a little pre-amp and aux out on it. I mounted this behind the stereo into a spare socket which comes off the ignition power and the audio goes to the aux on the stereo. All you see is the one white wire at the front which keeps it nice and neat and also means i can use the power socket up front for other things.


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Look amazing.

You have been busy, must of onlt got them yesterday.

Bet you notice a big improvemnt in the clarity etc. Ford standard speakers are so poor.

Just remember don't whack them up 2 loud let them bed in for first 10hours :L
Took about 2 hours to fit them all. Already happy with the sound but will be careful with them for a couple of weeks to let them settle in.

Thanks for supplying a quality product ! :L
Top job, you cant beat having good sounds in your car :)
good idea on the tweeters.
Kinda did the tweeters a bit backward really. I took the mirror covers off and screwed the tweeters to them, but when i came to refit them i realised the tweeters were just covering the original mounting screw hole. Was a bit of a bugger to re-attach lol !

what head unit is that? if you dont mind me asking
To be honest I couldn't tell you without removing it lol ! Its quite an old unit, think I've had it at least 4 years now.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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