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With the ST on the brink of going, what do I replace it with. 2 Seater / hot hatches are a no go, similarly fuel thirsty sub 20mpg cars are out the window too.

I'm wanting to go non ford as I feel like a change, so I've considered many including the mazda 6 mps ( bit to thirsty ), but decided it must be an estate and ideally diesel.

So what do I go for, my two favourites are the latest Volvo V50 and the new shape Audi A4 s-line.


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would have to be the audi
The Audi is certainly the better looker and probably nicer all round.
I'd break from the norm and have the Volvo
I'd go with the volvo after my experience with VAG cars. Great when they work, a pain in the arse when they break down. If it's brand new with warranties then I may swing to the audi but it would have to be a really good deal.

The Audi's look so plain and boring inside
Thats a hard choice, what engines in both of them would you be looking at?

Id like to say audi, but i think id be drawn towards the volvo
i would say mondeo mk2 estate ST200 but thats because i am dedicated Ford lover of ST's.
I think both are great looking lifestyle estates and IIRC the V50's chassis is based on the Focus, so I would swing towards the Volvo. I don't think you'd go too far wrong with either TBH.

Both of those are nice (Volvo D5 especially) but have you considered a Jag X Type? I drove on of these recently (they were selling one at work) and was rather impressed, and was a good spec for the money.
The Audi's look so plain and boring inside
my stepfathers got one and my god its boring inside, actually i think its boring outside too. i thought s-line meant tweaked styling?his previous 2002 a4 cabrio was much more styled. i havnt seen the volvo but its gotta be better than the audi?

we have a fleet of these volvos at work, and for the 2.0 diesel there are pretty dam fast and good on fuel, a bit dodgy on handling though on bends i felt a bit insecure and had to ease off a bit
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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