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New Key

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Hi 1st post on here so bear with me and keep replies in a simple format!
Picked up my 57 plate last saturday but only has 1 key. Having experienced a near £200 bill to replace the better halves key on her 307 a couple of months back i'm wondering what's the best way to get a spare key? I've seen a few on fleabay but not sure if they can be programmed and will immobiliser work on them? Or do i just bite the bullet and pop to Ford :shocked: Key is just 3 button, not handsfree etc.
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I think I'm right in saying you need two keys to program another it amazes me how many people don't pass on the second key when selling the car - a trip to Ford is likely to be necessary unless someone knows differently
Yep, a trip to ford. They will want the car and will charge you for the key, and reprograming the car. Even for a none remote key. So, if you do get a spare key, then a second none remoye then at least you can reprogramme a new one without them reprograming the car.
I think there's two ways they can do it

Either make a new key but not reprogram the system - will work but you won't be able to program new keys

Or reprogram system and make another key to add to existing key which they will reprogram from which you can program new keys

This may have changed but they did the first option when I had a w reg Mk2 was cheaper than a reprogram of the system
Hi - first post on here!

I have KeyFree on my Mk4 Titanium X, but I've mislaid one of the two fobs. My dealer is quoting ~£170 to replace the fob and programme it. Does anyone know of anywhere where you can get them any cheaper?
I had a key fob replaced under warrenty last week due to it not working. I also have the keyless entry system. You wont be able to get it any cheaper im afraid.
Auto locksmith will be cheaper than dealer.
maybe...guess a call would get you the answer :)
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