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new member from the USA

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hey guys, just registered to see what things are like on the other side of the pond. I'm a member over at and we have a few guys from the UK. Came over to find some inspiration for mods that we might not have thought of in the states. Well I know in the USA we like pics, so heres a couple of my SVT Contour. It's stock so nothing special, but I love it.

also, I'm very jealous of the recaro seats in the st200. I am however considering buying some st200 wheels. See you guys around!

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Hi Andrew, and welcome. :)

Welcome to MEG!

Nice car m8!

Should do the black-eye mod on it... would be smokin!
Hiya mate,

Welcome to the best site on the Internet for Mondeo lovers :)

I like those bumpers and those lights :)
thanks guys! I would like to black eye the lights and paint the chrome grill ring red, and maybe smoke the lens of the headlights and fogs. I really like the way you guys' TD grill looks. I'm considering one of those but not sure if it fits. You guys also have cold are intake kits that we don't have in the states, like the K&N kit. Is the K&N any good? I see a lot of you with the airbox replaced with an open element filter. We don't do that because we've experienced worse performance due to high heat in the engine bay. Any insight?
Welcome, I love those lights!

What are they called and where could I buy some from ? They modernise the front end a lot in my opinion.

Very nice car!
Welcome to Meg :)
Lovin your car :smoking:
Have a look at jack st's trade area for induction kits etc
sorry man, but we here in the US have tried using mondeo lights on our contours, and they dont fit. otherwise we'd all have morettes here.
Thats a shame :(

Thanks for the advice though :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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