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As i am new to this forum i would like say hello to everyone on here and look forward to exchanging a bit of banter, the reason i joined is that i have only just got meself a mondeo estate after running a pug 406 for the last 4 years i have always had a soft spot for the fords this being my 6th ahead of 2 escorts 2 cortinas and my good old faithfull sierra 2.3DL (had that one 8 years) a Nissan Cherry and a VW Jetta did make an appearance somewhere in between but enough said about that gruesome twosome, so far i am very impressed with the mondeo the power is superb i had it up to 120mph and it was still pulling like a thourobred at aintree that was where i eased off the throttle and said i will try that another day.

Sorry for the long post but i was on a roll there.

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Hi Paul, welcome to MEG. :)

I have fond memories of my 406... nice cars. :thumb:

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