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New Mk2 Estate Owner seeing advice about car wash damage

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I own a Mk2 Mondeo Estate which is my second car (my old primea died) and had it for the last 3 months and as a whole I actually like it.

Had a problem yesterday as the car needed a wash so took it into my local ARC car wash, halfway through the wash I heard several loud bangs outside and the back end of the car lifted up.

The Wash stopped and a member of staff told me to drive out, when i got outside I got out and looked at the rear of the car and my rear bumper on the drivers side had been smashed (looks like the convaoyer that pulls the car along flexed upwards into the bumper). They logged the incident and told me to wait till wednesday and call there head office.

I have had some quotes for the damage to be repaired which including the respray of above the bumper comes to just over 500 quid (the car actually cost me 750 quid).

Now is ARC Car Wash Liable for this damage? as ive read conflicting info on other forums.
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A lot of car washes put a disclaimer somewhere to say that they are not liable for damage. My mate had a Shogun that got the windscreen broken and the roof dented by the drier on a car wash and the owners insurance paid for the damage so i suppose it depends on the owners. Mik.
Thanks for the reply, I actually dont think they can make there disclaimers legally binding if it is no visable (which it wasnt).

The other angle I am going to hit them is a violation of the health & safety act as it did actually thrown the back end of the car up.

Ive just spoken to my insurance company and they have just advised to try and recover it directly, if not they can try...failing that small claims court
doesn't matter if they have signs up or not they are still liable for the damage.
Correct - signs mean diddly squat. Sue the gits using the county courts fast track (small claims).
thanks anyway, i am more annoyed that the car had been damaged and ARC's general attitude when Phoning there customer service or rather lack of.
Welcome to MEG. :thumb:

Car washes suck... but you've sussed that now. :)

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