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New Owner - help please.

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Hi everyone,

Picked up our LX Estate last Saturday and although it's obviously really early days, very pleased so far.

We bought it from a fleet management company with 70,000 miles and good condition all round. First time we've owned a diesel too, and very pleasantly surprised at the way it pulls.

Anyway, one thing missing from the car was the Owner's Manual. Whilst I don't mind paying a fair price to replace this, eBay prices seem a bit steep to me. Can anyone recommend another source?

In the meantime, can someone please tell me how to switch the left-hand digital display on the dash from average speed back to predicted miles left in the tank?!

Cheers all - like the site and the respect people in here seem to have for each other. Makes a refreshing change within internet forums!

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Push the info stalk on the right of the steering wheel. i didnt think the lx had a trip computer but if it has then all you need to do is press the tip of the stalk in that says info and it will cycle temp,mpg, miles left in tank and average speed.
rcatton said:
Cheers all - like the site and the respect people in here seem to have for each other.

You obviously haven't read many threads yet! :}

But welcome, it is a good site, and the vast majority will help where they can.
Ebay or a scrappie for the handbook, and the 'INFO' button on the end of the indicator stalk should step you through the readings. :)
on the left hand side of the storkes indicators i think (how come your mind goes blank when not in the car) is a button you push in, it says "INFO" on it, this will change the display from "miles left in tank", MPG, "TEMP", "AVERAGE SPEED".
Also if the display is in KM and you want MI press the little black button below the display, this will change to want you want, you can also reset all the values backe to zero by holding the button in till it changes, do this for each setting (MPG, MILES ETC).
hope this helps
my 2006/55 plate LX (with no boot badge) has the trip info but no boot release button below the radio, wheras my 04 reg LX did have it....
Blimey - only just had chance to log in and can't believe I had an answer within 5 minutes.

Info button on the indicator stalk...D'oh. Can't believe we sat in the car for 15 minutes and couldn't find it. (Got fixated on the reset button and tried various combinations of pressing, holding and turning, all to no avail.)

Hadn't thought of a scrapyard for the manual - good call. I'll make some enquiries this week.

Thanks to all who replied - your help is really appreciated.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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