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Newbie being thick

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Morning all, just got my Mondeo the beginning of the week and its the first time ive driven int he dark, but i noticed that i dont seem to have a complete halo of tail light that i see on other vehicles?

I popped to Halfords to buy tails lights after looking at the cicuit/bulb config from inside the boot and unsure how many/what bulbs are used to complete the halo, the brake lights are fine if that help??

07/56 Modeo ghia

What bulbs and how many do i need

Thanks in advance
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Hi, i had this same problem, the brake bulb is double filiment, for brake and rear light, halfords bulbs dont seem to have the offset bayonet fit, try bulb other way round.
Check the wiki az it has a bulb list

how incomplete is the circle ? Should tell which bulbs are out I would imagine
rear right and left bottom left quadrant if my memory serves me, i check the wiki and they said 380 and 566 bulbs thats what i got but before ripping open the packaging i thought id check :)
Below is a pic of the right hand bulb cluster, it is on its side (indicator bulb is to the left in the photo, the other one on the outside is the fog light, and the inside one is the reverse light). Below that is a pic of the 2 x R5W and 1 x P21W/4W (dual filament tail / brake) bulbs that make up the tail light ring.

It is obvious from the 1st photo which bulb goes where. Obviously the brake light is the outer-upper sector.

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Fantastic thanks it's the smaller r5 that ain't working on both sides on mine it's just the larger p21 which are working
Thanks all for your help, now have complete halo on rear knew if would be simple!!!!! Anyone know of good cheap and easy to fit xenons for the front????
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