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newbie with some questions

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hello to all on here as the title sugests im new to this site. i made a big mistake last year and veered off and brought a vw jetta dont ask after a new turbo,egr valve,exhaust etc etc ive had enough ok so it was all done under warranty,but thats nearly up and if i have to deal with the snotty .... dealership again i will scream. im looking at changing back to ford and have been looking at a 2006 mondeo tdci edge with just 32k on the clock. is there anything to look out for dmf failure? turbos going south ?or are they pretty decent cars,also when are is the cambelt due on these cars is it still ten years or 100k. tif anyone can give me any pointers that would be useful.
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Here have a read of this, lots of tips of things to look out for,

Dual Mass Flywheels and injectors are the most common costly problems. these engines have timing chains not belts so dont need changing enless they start to rattle.
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