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Newbies new ride

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done a couple of cosmetic bits today which were annoying me.

firstly there was this horrible black strip between the front and rear doors which was faded and stretching........ not a nice sight :(

i took a bit of a gamble as i didnt know what lay underneath so out came the hairdryer :D

luckily enough after a lot of elbow grease i revealed the following :D

well happy with that.

decided i had to tidy up the alloys and centre caps as the badges had peeled bad and i had 2 newer alloys to fit

looks a lot tidier now :D
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very nice m8 i like the estates i like my red one
few little updates.........

fitted a few flocked bits (which will look loads better when i fit the leather door cards that match the newly fitted seats

anyways, a couple of little bits came in the post yesterday from Aidy at flockingcar

a much better sight than the standard grey plastic

i think i will gradually get most of the interior done like this

New dash surround fitted, much better than the old one.....

old one.....

new one......

full leather seats fitted

got the door cards to go on aswell this week sometime which are the same colour as the seats so should look tidy with the flocking bits

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Nice project, coming along nicely
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