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no a/c control?

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sorry if this has been asked before but i couldnt find it anywhere. Right, you know the temp scale, how it goes from cold to (very) hot, well mine only does these two settings. I cant get cool, or warm. just freezing or boiling. the cold kicks in between the first and third mark, and every thing else is the same temp of hot. The fuses are all ok and the buttons work ok (i think, the black mark moves up and down the scale). Any ideas?
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Do you have the standard aircon or climate control?

The aircon only switches in above 5 degrees, Not been that warm very often the past month or so.

Need a bit more information really, What settings are you using? Aircon on or off?
sorry, should of been a bit more clear. its the climate control on the air con panel. its the bog standard aircon panel that comes as standard on a 53 plate facelift
That doesnt have climate control. Climate will have a digital display with the actual temperature you want displayed. The system will attempt to keep it stable at that temperature.

Standard aircon has the little lcd display with bars to show the different setting.

Are you switching the aircon on? or just trying to change the temperature with the heater?

When i 1st tried mine i was looking for the on LED but there doesnt seem to be one, just says ON or is it A/C on the display?
ahhh, i think im trying to change the temp with the heater, i take it this isnt supposed to work then, just hot or cold :eyesup: :eyesup:
I was thinking the opposite, You may have the aircon on which is cooling the incoming air too much?

The display on the left is the heater fan speed with the temperature on the right side. Does the fan speed change at each setting?

If the fan works on all ranges but the temp is only cold or hot it might be a valve.

Found this post might help.
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