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No keys - HELP!

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I have been a pillock and lost my keys (house, car, shed etc.)

Unfortunately I only ever had 1 key for the car.

Will Ford be able to supply a replacement key fob without also replacing all the locks? Any idea on cost?

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. It's a '52 plate Zetec TDCi 130 hatch in case that makes any difference.
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Yes, they can. They would going via the bonnet lock. They would take it apart to find the code and have keys recut and reprogram for the car. Also you will have to pay for a new bonnet lock and grille :(
Call an autolocksmith.
We go to the car, make 2 keys that will open doors and start the engine. When we programme in the new keys, we cancel the old one's so if anyone tries to nick your car, the engine wont start. Total cost- £140. unfortunatly we're in benfleet so cant help you. If you wanted a remote it would cost you an extra £50.
Thanks for your responses.

In the end I called Autokeys (

The chap came out next day and programmed a new master key and remote fob for £165. No damage to car, 10 minute job, all old keys deleted off the system.

I would happily recommend these guys to anyone as stupid as me. Alternatively, you could try not losing your keys ;)
Bit confused. Did he give you one or two keys.
Also there is no such thing as master keys on this system.
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