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Noise When In Motion

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I've changed my rear bearings on my Cougar, but am still getting an annoying droning / humming noise from the rear end when the car is in motion.
The noise is there from when the car in moving along, and is a constand noise, different road surfaces don't affect the pitch etc, neither does cornering..

I have no ideas as to what it could be, but am thinking possibly the tyres have gone bad / off.

Is there anything suspension component related that could cause the noise..?
ARB Links
Trailing Arm / Bushes
Shocks / Dampers
Would a sticking caliper cause this.?

Sorry for the questions, have posted on various forums etc and am compiling my responses which will give me something to work from when checking at the weekend.. :kaffeetrinker_2:
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Tyres, for sure. Swap front and rear and see what happens.
Awesome, cheers Mark.. Will give that a try..
Wouldn't that cause a wobble of kind.? Like a buckled wheel.? Silly question, would not having the dust cap over the hub nut cause the drone noise.? I left it off when I put the wheel on and to allow me to torque the nut whilst the car was on the ground.. Just a wild thought, but you never know..
Other than the tone etc not changing, a wheel bearing would have come to mind...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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