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noisy rear suspension

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Hi all.
I have a Mondeo estate, 52 plate, 170k on clock.
The rear suspension is very noisy on even slighest bump, drop links replaced already, everything else at local garge checked and ok, the only thing I can think is could it be rear shockers badly worn and the noise coming from them, i suspect they are worn at that mileage, I also get a bit of rear end wobble at speed when u leave a motorway slip road for instance and pass over white pianted lines.

Any thoughts anyone.

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You say everything else was checked
when were the rear subframe bushes last replaced?
symptoms sound awful like those on the blink.
just had mine done and mine was a noisy and a touch of wobble.

Id seriously have those checked again properly.

If you do change them go for powerflex.
Its an estate, dont have same set up as hatch/saloon, no sub frame bushes etc.
I was going to say brake cables or exhaust knocking until you mentioned the rear end wobble.

I think i read someone else having that issue & fitting a spoiler helped?

Broken spring? Plenty of joints on the rear end to make it feel loose. Think you need to crawl under with a good bar & have a prod & poke see if you can find any play in anything.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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