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nube, need some advice..

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hi I bought a mondeo for 2500 pounds with 96500 miles. after driving for 500 miles I had to go for mot, which failed because of smoke. i took it to a diesel specialist. He said he cleaned the 4 injectors and reprogrammed them and also cleaning the ERG valve? charging me 225 total. 1.Do u think the price was fair? im new here so plz help me out. 2.and also, what do u think the price of the car should have been? 3.and also how much do u think i can sell it for? 4. what does the 3plate, 52plate means??
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For acturate price, what model and colour is it and in what condition??!?
price was quite fair, depends how much he "cleaned" the injectors, but a recode at Frauds is £100 alone

the main thing is (i assume) it passed its MOT smoke test
sorry for not providing enough info. put it as my sig, didnt know how to do it before. ya it passed the mot. also got a little speed boost. but the question is how long is it before i have to do this thing again. and was it £100 for each injector or for all four?
Frauds would want £100 for recoding alone, god knows how much for the "cleaning" (and would only send em to a delphi agent) and charge £60+ for cleaning the EGR
what years yr 130?
I smell something and it's not roses. These injectors cannot really be cleaned and ultra sonic baths are a no no. If they need ultra sonic cleaning then it is rebuild time. He has recoded them hmm . I bet they have cleaned the egr valve out, put an air filter in and then given it an Italian tune up. He may even have put a bottle of forte fuel treatment in (£10 on ebay). You are just coming up to a service interval at 100k miles. I would have given it a full service oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter and I bet it would have passed ok.
yes, i think he got all BUT a refurb on the injectors (£100 each at swad diesels)

having said that, it passed the mot!
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