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Howdy Mondeo Pardners!

I didn't know quite how to classify this issue in terms of sub-forum, so please accept my apology if it is deemed to be in the wrong place.

Picked up a very awesome 2010 Mondeo MK4 with 65k miles at the start of the year. I had a few small bits and bobs addressed without issue as part of a service at my darling local ford garage.
However, I write today about a very odd electrical-raspberry-sounding noise from the back left corner of the engine cover when I turn the engine off, followed by a few seconds of a low electrical hum.
It is inconsistent in that it doesn't always happen, and can occur (or not) whether I have done short or long journeys.
I uploaded this ten-second video to YouTube so that you can see and hear it.
Notably, for the recording of this video it was first thing in the day, with the engine only having been on for a minute or so prior.

While the car was in for service, I got a Ford engineer out and demonstrated it to him in the carpark, and he told me it was to do with a pump and it was "perfectly normal and nothing to worry about" adding that they hear it quite often in MK4 Mondeos. He seemed quite surprised when I asked if he would give me a quote to replace it.
So he went back in the office and came out with this eye-watering printed quote for over £800 to replace it.
When I had picked myself up off the floor, I politely declined and went on my way.

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Some months later, having tried to accept it as "nothing to worry about" as I was advised, it has become a huge frustration, and also quite embarrassing as it can be heard from a distance by passers-by.
I thought I'd ask if any experienced peeps on here have any opinions on it in terms of where it in fact IS something to worry about; whether the ford guy has misdiagnosed it; whether I could get it fixed more cheaply by some other method / means; etc.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Lots of love.


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Wow is that a single pipe of lots of pipes all joined and they sell whole only?

Here is the part they priced up, you can get used ones for £20 or so. Check to see if its the pump itself
or the smaller vacuum control unit. Vacuum Pump FORD Mondeo 2007-2014 (CA2)

Wonder if a pinhole leak in a pipe could cause a similar noise?
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