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Odd idle noise and buzzing gear stick (auto)

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Just wondering if these are a case of TADTS but I'm not sure.

1. When idling, especially if cold, my car makes a slightly odd high pitched noise that sort of cycles up and down. Tiny bit of throttle and you get jst the dulcet hum of the TDci. I can't tell if this is an actual engine thing or if its just some trim or similar vibrating and rubbing somewhere. Any ideas?

2. When I stop and put the car into park (its an auto) the button on the gear stick buzzes loudly. This stops either if I sort of flick it or, oddly if I release the footbrake. Thefootbrake aspect makes me think that maybe its supposed to do that (although I can't find mention in the handbok) to tell you to come off the brake although I can't see why you'd need a warning for that. However, the finger flick suggests its just the button vibrating. I've tried tightening the gear knb as it was a touch loose but that made no difference.

Its odd, these are my only two niggles but I'm just not gelling with the car yet. Done 2k miles in it now and it is fantastically comfortable and competent at what it does but its just leaving me cold unlike my old focus tat made me smile and made me wat to look after it. I'm worried the Mondeo is just going to be 'a car' to me which would be a real shame as it is a great thing and deserves to be loved.
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My mondeo does the same, I just assumed it was like that but i am putting the car on ramps tommorow so will have a look at the gearbox. Let me know if you find anything about that. Mine does the up and down sound but only when you put it in drive. The rpms also vary a bit.
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