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Odd speaker distortion

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I've replaced the Ford speakers with JBL GTOs. Recently, I've noticed a bit of odd distortion coming from the driver's door speaker. First time it happened I opened and shut the door which fixed it.

It's come back a few times since and each time I've managed to resolve it by opening the door wide and giving the black rubber insulator on the door loom a good wiggle up and down.

Before I start replacing wires etc (which I'm sure would be a door off job) any ideas exactly what's going on here?
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it wont be wires as in faulty. sounds like u may have some thing tuching the speaker cone .. like a loose wire or part of the inner lining
ok thanks mate might pop the door card off this weekend and have a look.
Sorted - when I fitted the speakers I had to do a bit of a bodge job wiring them in. I was getting a short at the end of the wiring where it joined the adapter, so a few turns of insulation tape round one of the connectors and jobs a goodun :L
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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