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OEM Coil Packs OK?

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Is the Quality of OEM Coil Packs Acceptable?
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acceptable quality is often factored by cost and availibiliy.the coil pack is an expensive item but i have invariably found that you get what you pay for with them i.e. if you need a washing machine and a hoover or electrolux costs 4oo $and a Beko costs can buy the beko but i think you will agree that the trade named and properly approved will a.last longer .b .less likely to breakdown .willl do wahtit says on the Pack really so its really a no brainer get the best quality branded coilpacks and trouble free motoring .s
with cheaper coils it seems to be pot luck as to if you get a long lasting one as said above but the cheaper ones can & do do just as well as the pukka ford items if you get lucky & get a good one :D

i say this as i went for a coil for my mota & ford wanted about £90+ fitting for one so i calmly sat down & then when recovered walked away :}, then went to a local motorfactors & got one for £22.50 all in & its been running spot on since fitting & that was 2 years ago now ( mind the old coil was still working as it should i just replaced itas the sides had cracked & as the fuel pipes run above it i changed it just for that aspect etc )

but even the expensive parts can fail & fail quickly as has been seen on here in the past but as above its less often ( probably down to the fact less folks buy the proper items due to the stupid costs of them :}
I found a very cheap one as mentioned above.

But called around and found a better quality one.
For £52+Vat. Will report on the Brand, I know its known, I did write it down. But... it was cleared up from underneath me. As ... things like that happen around here at weekends LOL...
for gods sake dont buy a yellow peril one :}

a few folks on here have bought a yellow performance coil pack ( around the £60 mark from memory ) & they do seem to break after a short while unless ur lucky that is ( most folks managed to get money back, others were not so lucky ( one person had about 3 of em ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months use before they gave up before he got his money back ) but saying that i think there is at least one person who i think was still running his yellow coil pack of the same make as everybody else but he managed not to break it lol
Also beware cheap ones rebranded with a posh sticker.

Hard to tell until you have fitted them and they fail soon after.
You WILL NOT (!!!) Beleive this ...

I started another thread to mention that a South Of England large auto factors Camberley A.F where indeed selling Genuine Ford Coil Packs for £52+VAT.

I was very please to buy one.


It was faulty!!!!

The car would miss badly as soon as any load was placed on the motor.

I put my old Ford Coil Pack back on and it runs fine (still very slight hesitation on lower RPM).

The plugs made a diff, the leads made a diff. The coil pack BROKE it !! .. Madness.

Needless to say, I have to return the coil pack and try to get a Good Quality OEM one.

The package at been re-sealed, no doubt it had been returned as faulty and a cynical employee returned it to stock. Needless to say, I am furious, as it took an hour or more out of my Saturday to get the dang thing!
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