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oil change

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the last 3 oil channges ive had done at National , cost around £25-£28 for magnatec.
Phoned this morning to book it in for tuesday and they want £35 + £11 for remove / refit of the undertray.
wtf ?????? :shocked:
anyone know if theres anywhere less expemsive cos £46 is a joke compared to last years price
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kiwi fit did mine for £29, if u can trust them to do the job properly , they over filled mine
how funny is that ?
been to the national website , put in reg number and price comes back at £25.20.
booked it at same branch i phoned earlier for £20 less.
mad or what :driving:
at least you saved £20 :laugh:
national did mine, i got home and saw "castrol edge" on the invoice, told it should be magnatec and took it bcak for doing again, at thier cost
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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