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oil leak

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ok got a small oil leak (its coming from somewhere above the sump plug),where are the most likely places it could come from and if its the sump gasket will it be expensive to get repaired? :) Its not coming from the oil filter as that has just been changed.
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Have you checked by the oil pressure switch as mine started to leak a little there a while back, just chucked a new one in and all was ok, it is just a little difficult to see. But it is near the oil filter. Worth a look any way mate.

Cheers davey
Funny enough i've just got a replacment oil pressure switch cos its playing up a bit but not fitted yet.
Sorry for going off topic a bit but what's the best way to change the oil pressure switch as my light doesn't work at all so hoping it's the switch at fault. Had a quick look and there doesn't seem to be much room under there, any tips cheers.
just been told you need a lot of patience,apparently its a bugger to get too,if you use a spanner you can only turn a little at a time and if you use a socket it has to be a deep one.not a job i'm looking forward to. wheres ED China when you need him? Carl !!!!!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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