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I found oil on one spark plug when I replaced them the other day. From what I can tell with the power of google (and asking a mechanic!), and combined with a very slow oil leak and sooting of the exhaust, this is likely to be all cured by replacing the rocker cover gasket.

I don't have a Haynes manual and my mechanic is off on holiday for a couple of weeks.

Whilst I'm no experienced mechanic, I am happy to do basic stuff - like changing spark plugs and oil changes and the like.

I've seen comments that it is quite a simple job to do: what I can't find are any videos or images of doing the work?

Does anybody have any suggestions for doing the job or for images of it being done? Is it as simple as I've seen people suggest?

Also, is there a way of telling what gasket type I have before setting about any such work. GSF told me that I have either a plastic or a metal gasket...

It is a high mileage (167k), and we intend to run her until she runs no more 'cos I can't see anybody else wanting to buy her!

The car is a 2001 Mondeo, automatic, 2.0 petrol.

Thanks in advance.

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