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Heys guys

just doing some touch ups and im really struggling
the paint looks fine matches well but following guides on the net it states to sand the paint on metalic before adding clear coat..

every time i do this it makes the paint have a white chalk like affect and completely stopps the colour matching the rest of the body?

any help
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either use panel wipe after wet flatening or miss out that stage. i always just add lacquer to the base
Never sand a metallic basecoat. Lacquer is designed to go ontop of it without it being keyed, as long as its done fairly soon.
ok so dont sand it i guess is the better option :p

guess im gonna have to sand well in layers to get the final basecoat smooth
Yep, never sand the metalic coat!

Clear coat it then wetsand that if needs be.

You need to make sure you're completely dust free when doing the metalic though. Don't expect bodyshop results without having a clean enclosed area to do the work in, and if you're doing it in your garage then hose the floor and walls down where possible to wash dust out of it, and if you can, keep the floor wet while spraying.

Spraying with panels off of the car will make DIY much easier but hang the panels as they would on the car! It really matters and changes the pull in the metalic paint which will give colour matching problems if done wrong!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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