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Partial load solenoid

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Ok so I fixed out the leaky fuel system, stuffed a ball bearing up the pipe to the egr thingy (i think) and now the partial load solenoid thing under the battery aint working, noticed when at idle at lights etc the engine sounded funny, like something was loose, looked today and the partial load motor aint doin wot its supposed to be doin, I unblocked the rubber pipe to the diaphragm by the intercooler but even that dont have any vacuum there now, there is a vac solenoid thing at the back of the engine bay on the passenger side, which was goin mental the other day, now im totally lost, can anyone explain how all these tie in together and how it all works, so's I stand a chance of finding the problem ??
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Hmmmmm, went out in the car earlier and its all working again :shocked: must have disturbed something pulling it all apart yesterday, at least me alternator belt isnt squeeling anymore :)
spray a load of wd40 on there if you can!!
Well I sprayed wd40 on the cable going to it, but its not seized or anything, I am assuming that the egr diaphragm is on the top by the intercooler, after a blocked that pipe it all played up, after unblocking it and messing with it all it still didnt work, but started working the next day so I have no idea and it aint being blocked again lmao
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