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ha, yesterday i went to the local ford dealer to order a pas pump. I've been quoted j360 for a new one and j80-ish for a recon. The funny thing is that they don't have recons in stock AT ALL. So i have to give them mine from the car and they have to send it to Germany to be reconditioned and return it.
What am i suppose to drive during the time they recon my own unit??? :mad:
(so i am buying second hand one from the ebay and will see after that)

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no need to go to gym for the time being... keep a towel by you for the sweat :tongue:

Just joking... :D

can't think of anything else other than living with a heavy steering

i am going to get mine sorted out later... within the warranty period so probably will face the same situation as you... time to start doing some gym work to get the muscle ready :whistling:

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