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Hallo to everyone,

I own a mondeo 18L (200.000km) converted to LPG.

I have faced a problem related with idle a few months ago . It is a surging idle (up an down rpm). Basicaly there are two problems.

I'll try to explain.

Problem 1.


When starting the engine at morning the rpms would go from 1300 down to 1000, then up to 1300 and down to 1000 all the time until the engine would do to its normal contition (~90 celcius).

Then when the engine is hot and the idle average speed is around 750 the same thing is happening... between 650 and 850.

making a little internet search I found this problem here .


My mechanic cleared the EGR valve , cleared the two MAP sensors, checked the inlet manifold and the air hose under this.


The problem restored at 90%.

Problem 2.

Engine in normal temp condition (~90 celcius)


Engine speed go to 500rpm and rarely below (alternator dashboard light on).

When I drive with 2nd gear and I want to turn in a cross street, I push the clutch pedal, release the 2nd gear, push brake pedal and turn the steering wheel in order to turn(left or right).

Then the rpm would go from 2000 for example (with 2nd gear driving) to 500 or a little bit below and up again to 750 (idle).

Two or three times the engine stopped while turning leaving me without active stearing wheel and brakes.


My mechanic has no idea.

Is there any idea what might it be? :crazy:


After the problem 1 have resolved there is only one strange thing.

Engine temp in cold condition (~10 celcius).


When starting the engine, the rpm go to ~1350 then drop to 1000 for 1 second then stay to 1350rpm (this wasn't there in the past). I didn't have this rpm drop to 1000rpm.

Then if I drive for 100 meters and stop in idle condition, (the temp rises a little bit ~15 celcius) the engine does to 1000rpm idle. This shouldn't been happening at least the temp do to 60 celsious.

Is there any idea what might it be? :crazy:

The problem 2 happens with LPG and petrol also.

Thanks guys.
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