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Petrol/Diesel Quality

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Is different brands of unleaded petrol in say Asda and Tesco different? Same with BP and Shell?

Are they the same thing but different companies selling them?

Is there any sufficent evidence to suggest there is a difference in quality of petrol?

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The difference will only be in any cleaning additives and similar added extras as all petrol and diesel has to meet a minimum quality standard.

The V-Power and similar 'more power' fuels I'm not sure how they add the extra octane/cetane - if it's just an additive to the standard stuff mixed in or actually made like that at the refinery.
I tend to ignore what has more/less additives and what's better for your car and tend to go with the cheapest. My Dad refuses to buy supermarket fuel.

Suppose it depends on how long you look to keep your car for though, mine tend to last 12-18 months and have never asked/been asked what type of fuel I use.
V-power and Tesco give the same results on the rollers, the rest i cant say as my car will knock and Det
I have put all in my car and trying to find which is best, but am still looking as i can not find any difference :driving: ???????????
My old man has a 55 plate Alfa 156 2.4 JTD 20v which has 60,000 on the clock with a FASH. Always been run on the Tesco diesel, recently he's been having big problems with it misfiring at idle and generally running poorly. Took it to a garage who said that the injectors have gone with a bill for around £1000.

I told him to put Shell V Power in with some Millers diesel sport. Within 3 tanks the car is back to better than normal with better fuel economy.

After seeing this I filled the Mrs Rover 25 up with Tesco 99 Super instead of the normal crap stuff. On the first tank I got 40 miles extra from a tank.

Only my 2 pence worth but i do think that it's worth paying a few quid extra for the good stuff.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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