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photoshop or opinons

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Hi all
I have managed to atlast get hold of some 18s and although they were cheap as chips all need a refurb
But i cant decide if i like the colour they are or change them but all black is deffo not my choice so opinons welcome and if a pic is poss would be greatful
Also have got my colour coded handles on thanks to zetec1983 and the mirrors thanks to wac
All the best Dave

p.s i know the jacking cover is missing but ran out of talent in the icey weather and broke the skirt


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[quote name=jacks-ST-mondeo]Looks good as is mate :L[/quote]

+1 :L

If you're dead set on changing the colour though then I'd probably go for a gunmetal/graphite colour. Although I'd have to say they look good as they are - just get a refurb in the original colour :L


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Gunmetal if you do change the colour
Like the first pic best, but both look good :L
Keep them silver, but decide on the shade,
Speak to Mr Mike Ribbons at Brockford Accident Repair Centre, Needham market, Near ipswich. 01449 723 123 you can go and choose a colour and they will refurb the wheels and make them as good as new. they are very reasonable with pricing. and you won't be dissapointed.
thanks for the replies lads and i agree standard silver deffo looks good but like both
Stick with silver. :L
Flat silver and gloss laquer will look smart
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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