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pics up of spoiler and eyebrows

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hope you like
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Very nice where did you get the eyebrows?
spoiler is nice. what did you bond it on with?
how much weas the spoiler and was it stright?
ive got the same on my car looks great and bonded it on with the ford bonding kit you can buy from fords karl
like said ive got one on mine i got it of fleabay for 39.00 plus postage which was 9.00 bargain
got my eyebrows from a shop on ebay called hania styling in london £15.00 posted and my spoiler to of ebay that cost £50.00 posted cant think of the name will put it up if your interested in 1 thanks for the comments
the spoiler fits 95% good the rest not so good it lifts up on 1 side abit but not that bothered it looks nice enough
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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