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Poor acceleration

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Hello. I have a 2.0ltr, 87000 mile Mondeo that suddenly started behaving as if I had kangaroo petrol when accelerating. I checked through this forum, and decided it was probably the coil pack and leads. I replaced the leads with some made by Kerr Nelson and bought what was described as a genuine Ford coil pack from Remoco. That fixed the problem... for 40 miles! I checked the plugs, and they look OK (NGK). I'm wondering now if there was a fault in one or more of the plugs and I've now damaged the new coil pack, or if the new HT leads are just crap!

Any ideas? Is it possible to see a fault with a plug? I've ordered a set of PTR6F-13 plugs anyway. What does a set of leads cost from a Ford dealer, or what third party leads are recommended?

This morning I also cleaned out the EGR valve (that's fun :} ), although the fact that changing the leads and coil pack cured the problem temporarily makes me think it isn't that. The fuel filter was also replaced about 8K miles ago.
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I had the same problem as you with my 2.0L. Decided to be a cheapskate and only replace the coil.......guess what happened!

I got a genuine Ford coil off ebay for £47, a set of genuine Ford plugs off ebay for £12 and I had to go to the stealer to get the leads. They sell them seperatly and they cost me £55 including the VAT. No problems since

You'll have to replace the parts you've bought already or you may get the coil changed under warranty if you ask nicely enough. You could buy a cheap coil, some have had success some haven't. I wouln't bother with any other makes of lead, the Ford ones seem to be the best and last but rather pricey.

Make sure you fit the new parts at the same time.
Thanks for your reply - it does sound like I should have changed the lot all at once and not tried to do it on the cheap! I'm resigned to replacing the shiny new coil pack, and I'll get a set of Ford leads next Saturday. This time I will replace it all at once!
The Ford leads Are rebranded cheapies Go for good performance leads 8mm they are the best. And about the same price as ford ones. Use NGK platinum plugs they won't let you down 30k for a 2.0 60k v6 and use the revised plug cap settings from ford. I have had 4 Mondeo all have done high mileage 100k-200k never changed a coil pack yet. Have had to change the leads on every one.
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