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Poor fuel economy + running rich = new lambda sensors??

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I've been told before that my car could be running a bit rich and recently I've noticed the fuel economy drop.

Is it likely the lambda/oxygen sensors needs replacing?
How many and where are they on the V6?
Where is best to get them from?
Are they easy to replace?

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The diagnostics can only tell you what you already know.. car running rich. Buy yourself a handheld ODB II scanner (30 £ max from hong kong) , if you want the webadress of the company I buy mine from just pm me and I will give it to you (I use visa to buy from them and no problems yet)
Didn´t know this but you can test you lambda sensor with a voltmeter and see what voltage it gives. You just have to know the working voltage of that lambda sensor (I think 0.2 - 0.9 volt switching , it should change value quite often 1-2 times / sec if slower or not changing at all the sensor is on it´s way out) , cheaper than frauds garage :L
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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