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Hi all, I'll start by admitting my car knowledge is limited.

Car Details: Mk2 96 Td
Got new glo plugs

Car severly lacks in power(like it when I bought it), feels like no turbo.
Its losing oil, looks to be coming from the engine itself. 1 ltr in 3 months.
Black smoke on startup and acceleration.
Borderline emmisions.
Poor mpg 30.9.

I can confirm that I hear the slight whistle from the turbo when giving it a Rev, which leaves me to conlude the turbo is at least spinning.

Having read up on many sites/forums, my feeling is that the Egr valve could be at fault.
After inspecting it, I noticed it was caked in an oily film, and after touching around underneath it, my hands were absolutly cake in an oily gunk, which i still havent got off.

My question is should this be cleaner, do you think i'm correct in my diagnosis and should i go ahead and block up the pipe.

Thanks for any assistance.



Just me
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Cleaning is fine.

Blocking should be fine, I have blocked mine, but its a MK3, I dont know if its ok to do on a MK2

Man in a Jag
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MK2 is fine to block. Taking off is not really a viable option because of how its attached to the engine, blocking it is quick and easy - just take the pipe off, put a ball bearing or something in it to block it and put the pipe back on.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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