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possible top end oil leak

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Took my 24 for the MOT and the mechanic said I have a leak over by the drivers side of the top end which would need the UIM removing for investigation?

What kinda prices am I looking at or would it be more economical to keep this one going as atm there are a few engines and breakers on ebay for around £350

Just trying to work out whether its worth putting money on repair rather than replace :)

Thanks all - :banana:


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It would be handy to know where the oil's coming from. The UIM is fairly straightforward to remove but give yourself a couple of hours and be careful with it all if you take it off yourself.

Mine had a lot of oil coming from near the top and in my case it seems to have been the power steering pump's outlet pipe. This might even be a common issue. If it's coming from one of the cam covers that's easier to deal with and probably not even worth messing about with. Keep an eye on your levels (engine oil and power steering fluid).

It's going to be worth fixing the leak, unless you have other issues with the engine, as replacing the engine in labour alone will cost a fortune.

It's probably coming from a cam cover. How much of a leak are we talking?

Well it does fluctuate really, also some days Ill check the levels and all is well (on cold) and others it drops between the levels or seems to be spread quite high up? Dunno really, the mechanic did say some days you'll lose a bit more than others. Im going to take it for a service and see how it gets on. May even consider going to Frauds as work/time commitments are taking over....grrrr lol
...are we sure it is not the PAS pump leaking down the timing cover?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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