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I have a Mk.4 Focus Titanium X estate with power liftgate.

I think it is great, and it is cool to wave a foot under the bumper and the tailgate opens!

However, yesterday I went to the Air Tatoo at Fairford (don't mention the weather.. Grrrr!).

Tailgate worked fine when I left, worked fine when I stopped for coffee (not leaving my camera gear in the car at motorway services!), and worked fine on arrival.

Got back to the car, very wet, so didn't trust my balance on wet grass to open, so I pressed the button - nothing happened. Realised I had forgotten to get the key of of its RFID proof pouch, clicked the boot lock twice - nothing. Tried the boot button, same. Tried my foot, same. Open the doors (no problems, opened by touch on the handle), tried the dash button - nothing.

Drove home, tried it all again, nothing. Grovelled through the seats to get some bit out, had a cuppa.

Tried it again after 20-30 mins, still no joy. Immediately tried my wife's key (double-click) it worked!

Tried again with my key - it worked!

Still works today with both keys (and had more rain so tailgate was very wet).

Any ideas? Did I confuse it by pressing the button with no key?

I suppose it could be water, but I can't see any sign of water ingress anywhere.

Bit baffled - I'll see if it happens again...

BTW - love the car!
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