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power loss and strange temp gauge

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first time on here so please bear with me, my mondy has developed a strange fault.starts and drives fine. temp gauge gets to around the 6 of the 60 mark, car loses power and temp gauge drop to zero! when i stop at the road side i can hear the cooling fan running.If i turn the ignition off and start the engine again, normal service is instantly resumed and temp springs to normal. No warning lights come on and car is fine for rest of the journey!! ant ideas please..!
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could be faulty head temp sensor :)
i'm glad you said that, i bought one from the dealers yesterday (£32) as that was all i could come up with but i thought this would put a warning of fault light on... will be fitting it saturday so will update the results
I had exactly the same symptom with my car a few weeks ago. Odd temperature gauge movements, fan running, and car was going into 'limp mode' all the time. Replaced the Cylinder Head Coolant Temperature Sensor and it sorted the problem immediately.

Glad it wasn't too expensive to sort. Hope it sorts out your motor soon mate.

Welcome to MEG. :thumb:

Generally best to make a detailed post in the technical forum for your car as you'll get more specific help, rather than this forum where folk just say hello - this should be it:-

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