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power stearing problems :(

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power steering no longer works, have checked fluid, belt tension,etc got ball joints replaced last year made groaning noise when turning, pump replaced 2 years previous. mind you i was doing j turns in me works car park, so poss drive shafts and the fact i went into a ditch last year poss didnt help things much lol . any help would greatly be appriciated
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right ,work this 1 out power steering now works but now engine making a funny whining/groaning noise, still has goes stiff tho have checked drive shafts not bent ,im confuzzled on this 1 , fluid looks ok
Is the noise you can hear the PAS pump on it's last legs?
erm i hope not , how long does a PAS pump usually last? , only do about 12k miles annually mind you its been making that groaning noise ever since i had it replaced coupla years ago , but the whining noise is something new .had a brand new pump installed if it is gd job i work fer a "local" Car part retailer but thatll hafta wait till pay day , yet another month of new driving :angryfire:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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