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Power steering pump

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I was driving my 2002 Mondy 2.0L auto Zetec yesterday when slowly turning my steering became very heavy.

Got out to look at the tyres to see if i had a puncture but they were Ok.I noticed if i kept the revs up above 1500rpm the steering became lighter but once revs down at tickover steering heavy again.

While turning lock to lock stationary but with a few revs on steering was ok but could hear a whinning sort of sound under the bonnet.

Fortunately I was not too far from my local independent garage so limped there for him to take a look.

He said the Steering pump has gone (the noise was the bearing) and it will cost approx £140 for the part +£50 labour.I was doing a search on the forum and can't find any other occurrences of this issue,Anyone else had this happen as my mechanic said he has known a few mondies with failed pumps.

I am feeling a bit fed up as last month spent £1070 on new head gasket/air inlet manifold and thermostat along with £120 on a couple of rear tyres.Plus £190 on a rear wheel bearing about 3 months ago.

What I thought 6 months ago when I got it for £2k was a mint condition car with 62k miles and service history is turning into a money pit. :annoyed:
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Seems to me, like you bought a lemon perhaps. The exact same situation has happened to me.
All in all, I've spent around 3000 pound fixing my mondy I bought for 4000 pound, the only reason I keep putting cash into the car is because I have already spent so much cash on the car that would otherwise be lost if I decided to now sell it. Will keep it for a couple more years, let the repairs pay for themselves.

Anyway. Cant help with the power steering problem, although on my mondy, steering is also generally heavy at lower revs and I hear extreme grinding noises when turning the wheel fully both ways. Maybe the same fault...I'll watch this post =)
Yeah Lemon I think that sums it up.

Trouble is when the hg went that was a £650 job but when they got the head off and checked the thermostat and inlet manifold which was suspect it turned into £1070.

You then don't have much option but to get the job done and hope that you don't get another big bill anytime soon.Then 3 weeks later whoosh another £200 for the pump.

This is the trouble with used cars,not much depreciation versus a new one but repair bills that can run to thousands.

You just start to wonder each time you go out what will be next,trouble is having put £1700 into it in 6 months it would be to much to write off now.
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