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power steering switch

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Hi all,

On a 2.5L V6 Zetec S there is a switch on the pipework from the power steering pump. We wish to replace the switch. Are there any precautionary measures to take. Is it under pressure if the engine is off?
How much fluid may be lost during the change over?

Much obliged for any help.

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There is minimal pressure with the engine off but do it with the steering central.

A very little fluid will leak but nothing significant if you have new sensor to screw back in straight away.
Thanks mate

Just one more question, if the electrical connector is disconnected from this switch, is it OK to start engine and will engine run as normal?
I guess I can check that the switch opens by revving the engine and connecting a multimeter? I believe that it should be closed when engine is off and open otherwise?, I'm not sure.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes it's fine to start the engine with the switch disconnected, I think the ECU will sense this and automatically keep the idle on a default higher speed.

If you connect a multimeter across the terminals and turn the wheel lock to lock you will see the resistance change.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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