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Power Steering / water pump - same thing?

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Hi, I pretty sure that the pump connected to the pulley / belt is starting to seize.

My questions are:

1) which pump is this? I can see the pulley stop rotating when steering is on full lock when stationary or at slow speeds, so I suspect it needs replacing.

2) Is the power steering and water pump the same unit or can they be replaced individually?

Do you think my diagnosis is correct? It seizes occasionally and the power steering fluid looks darker than i'd have expected.

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Engine type?
If it is the TDCi then the power steering pump is driven by the belt and then a spline out of the back drives the water pump.
Power steering pump is an exchange for a Ford dealer and was cheaper than from a non-ford parts supplier (GSF) when I got mine.
Worth checking the tensioner as well.
Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, i should have mentioned - its the 2.0L 130ps TDCi.

I will check the tensioner out, but I have noticed the actual wheel driven by the belt stops occasionally whilst the belt continues to slide around it - could this also be caused by tensioning problems?
Ford sell replacements so it must be possible that the tensioner can fail.

I found the roller/bearing had play in it, so replaced it using a bearing (not available from Ford).

Obviously, the belt should be replaced if it has been slipping.
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