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pre facelift 6000CD - aux options?

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Hi mates...

I have 6000CD pre facelift model, with cd changer option. Well, I have two questions.

1. Is there any way to trick 6000CD and use some pins from cd changer as aux imput?

2. if not, which changers is compatible with 6000
CD? I am currently using fm trasmitter, but sound quality is :eyesup:

Also, if you have any suggestion for aux input... :)

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i cannot find "edit" :(

another option :)

3. can i install cd changer, and just bypass right/left channel audio into separate jack? In that case, head unit will communicate with changer, there will be a cd spinning, but real audio source...would be non spinning mp3 player :)
That`s the thing! But, the thing is...I am from Serbia, and with shipment, taxes, customs, it will amount around 100 EUR...So, feasible options are to find something similar here or to DIY :)

Thanks for the link, at least I know it is possible :)
There's a thing called xCarLink-DMC(digital cd changer)that emulates a cd changer.
This thing,box has a card reader,usb and line in,so you can plug to your stereo a usb memory,a card memory or a mp3 player.
You can skip,play,pause,etc directly from the stalk control near the stering wheel or from the cd player buttons.And many other tings..
I heard from the guys who bought this that it works fine and the quality is that of the songs you have,not like on the fm transmiter.
Plus is very small,you can put it in your glove compartment 98 X 61 X 18 mm.
I found this site for you
I entirely forgot about xcarlink :) And it can be also purchased in Serbia

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