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Prefacelift audio sistem connectors

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Hy.I want to change my stereo with a facelift one(including the front console)and i found these 2 diagrams for rewiring the plugs;one from wiki and the other one from another source.
But they are a little bit different...please can anyone have a look and tell which diagram is the correct one?(especially the guys who changed their stereos)
Have a look at the connector A,the location of the speakers pins..Thanks
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Just realized that i didn't atached the diagrams :shocked: Sorry.


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Nobody?The second diagram is the one from wiki.
i used these pre-face lift and these face-lift its real easy just cut a facelift plug off a scrap car then buy a wiring adaptor for preface lift and cut the ends off and make a patch lead i can do this if you can get the parts
I've just bought an prefacelift ISO adapter and I was thinking to cut the ISO and use just the adapter plugs that goes in the stereo plugs.
And then just wiring the adapters acording to the facelift diagram.
The preface adapter has just 2 plugs and the stereo has 3,so i will connect the wires from the third plug directly in to the quadlock.What do you think?Or you just told me the same thing?
Thanks for the diagram,the wiki is correct then.. :content:


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the 3rd connection is the steering remote controls if you just join the 2 or 3 wires to the existing ones with scotchlocks its easy yo will see what i mean when you have all the parts and yes i got the same adaptor and cut the end off just make sure its a mondeo one as the focus ones fit but have a pin missing
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