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Problem with alarm going off when doors opened or car started !!

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I have a very annoying problem with my MK1 1994/5 Mondeo, hatchback. Everytime a door is opened, be it side doors or boot or bonnet, the damn alarm goes off for about 30 seconds. Same happens when I start the engine. I have tried all 3 keys I have for the car and it happens with all.

How it started was I was trying to unlock the car door and for some reason it wouldn't, it almost felt like there was no locking mechanism, as the keyhole felt odd, but eventually the lock worked. But now I have the problem mentioned above. I could be just being over sensitive but it sounds odd now, when the door locks there doesn't seem to be the extra "whirrrr kerchunk" sound at the end that used to happen (used to sound like it was coming from the rear somewhere).

I tried to find the alarm or horn to shut it off, but all I can see in the compartment in the boot is the back lights and socket. I removed that but still couldn't find the alarm horn, even though it sounds like it is coming from there.

I looked in the fuses to try and remove the alarm/central locking fuse, but I can't get to them as there seems to be a cradle stopping you removing any fuses.

HELP !! I just want to cut the damn wire, I don't care about the alarm, no one is going to steal my car. So the quickest and easiest method to shut the damn thing up would be appreciated, at the moment I am afraid to use my car after 10pm as not only does it go off opening the door to get it, it goes again when I start the engine. I end up driving away with the thing blaring. Oh and it goes off when I open the door to get out too, sheesh, bet the neighbours love me.

My Haynes manual is no good, doesn't seem to tell me anything I need to know.

Advice appreciated If I have the snip the wires with a cutter, so be it.
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Hi the alarm horn is in the boot pass side behind the side trim just forward of the rear light.

A read of this might help??

Davey :content:
Thanks Davey.

Sorry to sound think but still a bit unsure what to do, even after looking at Mirez' guide.

Does this mean I should leave the horn alone and go for the actual alarm box under the steering wheel ? I tried to get to the horn in the boot, I pulled off the plastic opening on the left hand side, I then unclipped the wire that was attached to the lights, I then removed the light housing (that has the bulbs attached to it). But I still couldn't see the horn. I was hoping a wire might be visible that I can cut.

Also any idea how I can get to the fuses ? I have removed the glove box, but the fuses have a black bar over the top of them, stopping me getting to them.

I will give that guide a much closer read.
When you take the glove box out and look at the fuse box as you look at it the right hand side there is a little lever to relese the fuse box and it folds down.

The horn is not in by the light it is just in front of the light. Behind the trim panel. I have marked it in this pic it is the only pic i could find. :content:

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Thanks again Davey, that helped, I found it.

I have a few questions though if you are able to answer.....

1. Before fiddling with the horn I have disconnected the fuse 25 which does the alarm and central locking. I didn't think this would matter but I notice the back 2 doors don't have locks I can open from the outside. Is there any way to lock them from the inside ? At the moment the doors are unlocked and not safe.

2. Looking at the guide, the power cable on the alarm box is on the furthest right. If I removed that, would it also stop the central locking (if I put the fuse back in of course first) ?

3. As a last resort and I have to cut the wires to the horn, is it safe to just snip them ? At present I can't see where the wires are, but I am sure I will be able to with a mirror. Is it easy enough to cut ?

Thanks Davey !!
You can lock the rear doors from the inside just by pushing the handle in.

I wouldn't just cut the wire for the horn, will the alarm go into test mode as shown on the mirez site to try and find the problem?
Oh bugger, I went to start the car today and it is completely dead. All I did was remove Fuse 20 which is the alarm/central locking fuse.

Any ideas what I could of done wrong ? The last time I used the car before today was when I removed the fuse, so I don't think it is a coincidence that it is not working. I put the fuse back in but it hasn't helped. Even the clock is not on in the car, and when I turn the ignition it is dead, not even a whirr or chug noise.

that sounds like a dead battery
I think that too, but can't understand why. All I did was remove a fuse for the alarm and central locking. Why would this cause a flat battery ? Makes no sense, but seems to be the case.
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