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Problem with RC Locking

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We are working with a 1997 P-reg’ early Mark 2, and a Ford provided 3-button radio remote key.

When you try to remotely lock the doors, they unlock themselves again. It’s as if the driver’s door is still open, but the interior lights go off when you close it. If you just use the key in the driver’s door lock, all four doors lock as usual.

You can then remotely unlock the passenger doors, but the driver’s door stays locked. Again, you can unlock the driver’s door using the key in the door lock. If you just use the key in the driver’s door lock, all four doors unlock as usual.

The plastic bar on the driver’s door latch, which the door hooks on to, was badly worn, so I thought that this might be confusing the remote locking system into thinking that the door wasn’t closed, However, renewing the door latch didn’t cure the fault.

Any ideas?
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Have you tried replacing the drivers door motor? thats a common problem with Mondeos.
Definately sounds like the drivers door motor is at fault, I just got mine fixed a couple of weeks ago, same problem
I agree. I've tried to check the wiring, as best as you can, at the usual weak points, ie. the door connector.

Therefore, I'm looking for the cheapest suitable door locking motor in the UK.

Now, there's a small selection of OSF motors on eBay. One of them, (Item No. 110506892095) is from a 1999 ST24. Would this fit my 1887 LX? Surely, Ford wouldn't have designed and manufactured a completely different door lock for just one model?
First up, I'd agree that this is a faulty driver's door motor so at least a cheap, easy fix.

I think all Mk1/Mk2 door lock motors are interchangable, the changes came with the Mk3. So I would say almost certainly it will be fine :L
stevieb12345 said:
The IR locking motors are different to the RL motors,I think the change was around 98.
Once again, life vomits on my eiderdown.

But it's the date, not the model, that's the showstopper.

So, my choice of second-hand motors is those from 1993 Mk.1 to 1997 early Mk.2 cars like mine.

There are other motors on eBay, but it says that these are the newer 1997 to 2000 models with angled electrical connectors. So, no use to me, I presume.
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