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Project Bluebird.

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Hello and welcome to my diary.

Not been here long but thought it about time i started a diary to let you guys out there know what I'm doing with my Mondeo(called MIKE)and my spare time.

I got this car from a old biddy for 500 quid back in jan 2010,Not bad for a R plate Mk2 with 59k on the clock.
Only got it for a work run a round,But after a couple of weeks i started to love it and planing how it was going to look when i was finished with it.

1st thing was some cheap alloys to get rid of the crap steel rims.Got a set of 16"ghia alloys for £72 off ebay,The handling got better straight away.

I will be replacing the alloys with some nicer 17" later when a body kit is fitted.

After looking through ebay in the styling and tuning bit a took a fancy to a set of Lexus lights...So i got them.£47 bid and well spent.

After the rear lights i got a set of blue side indicators(yes ebay)for a 10 quid note.

Next i needed a bit of noise under the bonnet,For £27 i had it.Again on the wonderful ebay i got Mike a nice induction kit.

Now the next mod some of you may hate :angryfire: .
But its my car and ill do what i want :} .
I got myself a set of M3 mirrors.
I put a set on a Rover 600(My last car smashed up by a truck,waiting on insurance...long story blah blah blah)and it looked quite good.
Today these mirrors will be fitter(after i clean the kitchen :eyesup: .
All sprayed and ready to go.

Well that's it so far,Ive got lots of ideas running around my head.

Feel free to comment Or give me some more ideas,All welcome.

Thanks for having a read.

Think i forgot to say the car is a 1998 mk2 2lt auto in dark blue.

Photos will follow when i can find my bloooody camera.
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